3D Animator

3D Animator

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Type: Permanent

The 3D animation is part of the 3D animation team under the authority of Animation Director. Its main role is to animate the elements created in 3D.

• Work actively and closely with his teammates, his lead and the 3D animation supervisor;
• Organizes work according to priorities and timelines;
• Work closely with the Rigging and Pipeline departments with suggestions and feedback to improve character setup and visual quality, rig improvements and tools functionality;
• Fallows artistic and technical directions;
• Inform the lead of the progression of his work;
• Creates moving and develops the ‘’acting’’ of the characters and 3D objects on the storyboard and the vision of artistic director;
• Ensure the animation of ”lip-sync” body and face;
• Viewing the ‘’previs’’ with his lead and 3D animation supervisor to understand the essence of emotion, the action, the continuity throughout the story;

• Must have a college degree in 3D animation;
• Experience in a production environment as an animator;
• A thorough knowledge of Maya;
• Understanding of physical motion, weight and balance;
• Proven ability to work under pressure;
• Multitasks;
• Excellent communication skill;
• Artistic sense;
• Strong math background.

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