Animation Department Lead

Animation Department Lead

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Type: Full Time
Animation Department Lead,
Art Director

About the position

In charge of the team of experienced animators, the Animation Department Lead is the guardian of technical standards and ensures consistency in the treatment of projects. Using his experience and knowledge, he is the bridge between the animation team and the various actors (Animation director, Rigging department, management). He is also responsible for leading the team to the highest standards of excellence for which Squeeze is renowned.


  • Supervise the animation department, whose mission is to create the best animation performances, support the vision of the DAA and the director, and follow with the budgets and deadlines communicated by the Producers ;
  • Supervise the animators (and show leads if necessary) and ensure a daily follow-up to keep an overview of all the department’s activities ;
  • Determine and anticipate with the Animation Director, the Lead Rigger and the Lead CFX the needs of the production for the rigs and CFX elements, to ensure a good workflow between departments;
  • Establish the strategy to approach a project in animation; establish if an animation bank is needed, the type of controller and rigs, and all that is required for the project to go well.
  • When there is no Animation Director or Show Lead on a project, assume all their responsibilities ;
  • Responsible for monitoring processes, best practices, and workflows: documents them in the wiki ;
  • Mentor new animators on the ways of animation at Squeeze ;
  • Receive requests and needs from Animation Directors, analyze them, prioritize, follow up and forward them to the Pipeline Department ;
  • Suggest new technologies or techniques that can improve studio productivity ;
  • Manage conflicts and discussions ;
  • Manage the team of animators and identify the resource needs of his team, build a strong and balanced team at the talent level (juniors, intermediates, seniors) ;
  • Inspire and guide by setting standards and suggesting creative approaches to achieve desired goals ;
  • Use creativity to innovate in terms of techniques and production tools ;
  • Participates in the evaluation process of show post-mortems, and is responsible for identifying training needs in his team ;
  • Is responsible for identifying and dealing with cases of working relationships within his/her team.


  • Leadership ;
  • Team spirit ;
  • Excellent observation skills ;
  • Good mentor ;
  • Good communication skills – ability to express ideas clearly ;
  • Passion for the world of video games and animated films.


  • 7 years of experience in animation including 4 years as a Lead in the animation industry ;
  • In-depth knowledge of 3D animation principles and anatomy ;
  • Excellent knowledge of Maya and Shotgun ;
  • Has relevant college (DEC/AEC) and/or university training (3D animation, multimedia, etc.).
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