Assets Supervisor

Assets Supervisor

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Type: Permanent

Supervises the Character modeling/texture/look dev crew. Ensures the technical and creative success of model and texture production as per the established look of picture. Meets production deadlines. Solves technical production issues, defines workflows, streamlines processes, and develops tools/frameworks for Character assets.


• Working with layout, lighting and animation to find economical ways to build sets that fulfill the creative and technical requirements of the show;
• Managing members of the asset crew to facilitate quick creation of sets;
• Analyzing script breakdowns to determine assets required for production;
• Planning out technical aspects of the assets with the pipeline in mind;
• Working with department heads to assess difficulties and formulating plans to address them and set schedules with production manager;
• Sourcing suitable reference materials for required assets;
• Working to meet defined milestones within a timeline and strict time constraints;
• Having an understanding of the layout process and early phases of the pipeline would be an asset.
• Contribute to any other task which can be assigned to him(her) from time to time.


• Have a college diploma or university degree in 3D animation or computer science;
• Must have five (5) years’ experience as a lead modeler;
• Good understanding of all stages of VFX and CG production;
• Having a familiarity with software such as XSI, Photoshop, 3Delight and ZBrush;
• Having a working knowledge of production/asset management software such as Iris
• Ability to produce specific models, optimized and well-ordered to facilitate the work of each department following: matte-painting, cloth, lighting;
• Solid knowledge of anatomy, sense of design, form, scale and proportions in space;
• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and excellent organizational skills;
• Ability to communicate ideas clearly and concisely;
• Good teacher who loves passing on his knowledge and raise the level of its team;
• Demonstrate flexibility and adaptable to any changes;
• Ability to juggle multiple tasks in a high pressure environment;
• Experience with heavy schedule management in a very time sensitive atmosphere;
• Maintains a positive attitude even in chaotic situations;
• Ability to inspire his colleagues the power, teamwork and the desire of surpassing himself;
• Desire to excel beyond standards and results-oriented;
• Must be attentive and have a great ability to find solutions to the various problems of production and show creativity in its management methods.

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