Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

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Type: Full Time

The Chief Technology Officer has the responsibility to ensure an optimal alignment between the business objectives of the company and its technological infrastructure. He or she oversees the development department, technical management and IT as well as supports productions in the development and administration of secure, reliable and efficient IT solutions. He or she keeps a technological watch in his field and determines the technological changes of the company when necessary.


  • Designs and plans an IT strategic plan covering the analysis of current systems in place, infrastructure, IT services, process efficiency, security and data protection;
  • Plans the short, medium and long-term development of informatic technology while considering the company’s evolution;
  • Provides project management and integrated planning of all required technology infrastructures, taking into account the projects to be completed, required efforts, prerequisites, deadlines, resource allocation and the collaboration of other services;
  • Guides and supervises the methodology and work processes related to the 2D/3D production pipeline;
  • Defines and evaluates new technologies and techniques that can improve internal processes and services to clients;
  • Establishes budgets by services (investment and operating expenses) and ensures the delivery of projects in compliance with these budgets;
  • Manages the services of suppliers and partners related to the IT infrastructure;
  • Is responsible for setting up research and development tax credit files
  • Ensures the establishment and operation of the IT infrastructure and network and ensure that his department meets the needs of different departments;
  • Ensures that opportunities for standardization, consolidation and reduction of operating costs are seized and carried out while maintaining a high quality of service;
  • Keeps abreast of relevant developments and best practices in its area of responsibility and on the technical knowledge and artistic application of the software required in our field of activity;
  • Recruits and works with external suppliers in accordance with the company’s policies for purchasing equipment and services;
  • Ensures the optimal management of software licenses by his team;
  • Participates in weekly management meetings, production meetings and some client meetings;
  • Provides support for business development by attending some client meetings;
  • Works with production management and render wranglers to establish production priorities, identify issues and make the necessary corrections;
  • Demonstrates openness, a good ability to adapt to change and has a long-term vision to prevent and meet the different requirements that each project necessitates;
  • Acts as a mentor through training and constant support and contributes to the development and harmonization of the skills of his team members;

Qualifications and skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Science or any other appropriate discipline;
  • Knowledge of the animation, gaming or VFX 3D environments is an asset;
  • Knowledge of Unreal is an important asset;
  • Minimum of 8 years of experience in the field including 3 years in team management;
  • Good knowledge of software used in our field as well as rendering engines;
  • Has good team management experience and the ability to handle project-specific urgency;
  • Excellent knowledge of IT development and technological updates to offer a comfortable and diversified technological environment.
  • Possesses the ability to clearly articulate complex technical issues and to succinctly expose them to any level of the organization, meaning to interlocutors with a level of technical knowledge that varies greatly;
  • Demonstrates and adheres to the direction’s decisions and the values of the company and acts in coherence with them;
  • Ability to quickly understand the overall strategy, analyze processes and develop technical solutions to support the company’s business strategy;
  • Ability to take charge and tackle problems in an innovative and enthusiastic way;
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changes;
  • Emphasizes automation and centralization to ensure consistency between servers and workstations;
  • Able to work under pressure;
  • Ability to manage different projects simultaneously;
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and capacity to find solutions;
  • Demonstrates strategic leadership, results leadership, relationship leadership and human resource leadership related to corporate policies and values;
  • Excellent communication skills and fluent in both English and French (written and spoken)
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