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Type: Permanent

Responsible for the Compositing team of a production, he ensures compliance with quality standards and timelines established by the management of production and the client. The Compositing Supervisor is part of the production team under the authority of the VFX Supervisor. He is the functional link between his team and other departments.



  • Supervises, from an esthetic and a technical point of view, each step of his department (R&D to final delivery of the projects), so as to ensure that it meets the concepts, the style, the quality of the production required for VFX projects and to the constraints of other departments
  • Follows the guidelines of the VFX Supervisor, the Art Director, the Producers and the clients and take all necessary means to ensure a good path
  • Working with the VFX Supervisor, the Producers, the Production Coordinators, the Programmers and with other Supervisors of department or team to establish the production priorities and methods of work
  • Collaborates occasionally to evaluate projects and to establish production schedules for his department from a technical and logistical support. The person must be capable of reading, decorticating and analyzing scripts
  • Participates, in collaboration with the VFX Supervisor, the Art Director and if necessary, with other departments to create a strategy, to the establishment of a global vision and their execution for each projects and this, in terms of technical feasibility and design, provides production solutions that will maintain the artistic vision of the project
  • Participates as needed, working with the VFX Supervisor, the Art Director and the client, to the look development of one or more project (s) and provides an artistic support for Artists
  • Confirm all the necessary additional references needed to start a project (ref. images, shooting elements, etc.)
  • Ensures the quality and quantity of work performed by his team:- Organizes work and distributes the tasks to his team members- Follows the progress of the work of his team- Ensures quality of work, meeting deadlines and the respect of priorities.
  • Participates, as necessary, to carry out himself certain plans or sequences
  • Communicates the necessary information on work progress to the VFX Supervisor and the Production Coordinator
  • Attends to the dailies
  • Participates to the production meetings, to the meetings with clients and transmits the information to his team members
  • Ensures the quality control and the internal approval before sending to the clients
  • Has the required knowledge and actualizes in all that relates to the methods and the new technologies used in his department, and educates and encourages his team to the importance of following his example
  • Finds creative solutions to ways and to different production problems in ensuring compliance with internal deadlines and budgets
  • Acts as a resource for his artistic and technical crew
  • Manages, supports and trains his team members as needed so that they can meet the quality standards required by the production
  • Demonstrates open-minded, good adaptability to change and has a long-term vision to prevent and cope with different requirements that each project requires
  • Must be able to accept any change in the pipeline if the final product and / or technological progress require it
  • Ensures respect of the work schedule of his team in accordance with the requirements of production
  • Take active part into post mortem process of a project
  • Demonstrates leadership, excellence in communications and flexibility with regard to working hours
  • Ensures a good cohesion and internal communication between the production teams
  • Assists as needed in the management recruitment efforts of the staff
  • Ensures to represent company policies and ensures their respect in his



  • Studies in 3D animation and/or in computer graphics
  • Minimum experience of 10 years in VFX production in a similar position
  • Good understanding of all stages of VFX production
  • Excellent knowledge of Nuke
  • Leader in compositing 2D/3D, master in all the techniques and practices with VFX projects
  • Developed artistic and precision senses, good eye and mastery of photographic shooting including knowledge of color, light (reflection, refraction, shadows), perspective and composition
  • Strong pipeline TD skills
  • Strong ability to rationalize working methods: technical versus artistic demands of work
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Advance organization skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly an artistic vision
  • Ability to communicate his ideas
  • Good to teach his knowledge and raise the level of expertise of his crew
  • Is flexible and adaptable to the changes
  • Autonomy
  • Excellent to manage priorities
  • Resistance to stress
  • Maintains a positive attitude even in chaotic situations
  • Ability to inspire energy, desire to surpass oneself, team spirit to his colleagues
  • Proven leadership and excellent people skills
  • Desire to excel and achieve beyond the standards
  • Results-oriented
  • Must be attentive to and have a great ability to find solutions to various problems of production and be creative in its management
  • Fluent in English, oral and written. Bilingual an asset
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