Head of CG

Head of CG

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Type: Full Time
Directeur CG,
Head of CG
Montréal (Mile End)

Job description

About the position

As an experienced leader with strong technical skills, the Head of CG is responsible for defining a clear technical vision for all departments in the studio. Working under the supervision of the Production Manager and in collaboration with the Head of Pipeline, he collaborates to implement an efficient production pipeline that allows artists to focus on creating images of the highest quality.

One of his roles is to ensure cohesion within his team of CG Supervisor and department leads in order to develop their skills and to merge the various inputs into a single coherent and unifying voice. He is also mandated to ensure a technical watch aimed not only at maintaining and continually improving the productivity of the artists, but also at proposing innovations that allow the studio to stand out from the competition.


In partnership with supervisors and department leads, determines priorities and internal requirements for the development of the tools needed for production, all to provide a clear and consistent vision of needs to the Head of Pipeline and the Head of IT.

In conjunction with the Head of Pipeline, participates in the selection, deployment and testing of production tools, software and techniques designed to meet the studio’s goals and enable artists to work with ease and efficiency.

Anticipates technical challenges and needs for future projects and identifies solutions in collaboration with the CG Supervisors, Head of IT and Head of pipeline, maintaining a continuous focus on optimization and efficiency.

Structures and standardizes the work methodologies of the production teams.

Communicates to the Head of Production the progress of pipeline development and workflow improvements for each department.

Is responsible for career development, coaching, supervision and performance evaluation of all direct team members (CG sup and studio department leads).

At the request of the Executive Producer, participates in the estimation process for new projects and develops technical approach strategies for all functionalities required by the project. And ensures that CG Supervisors work effectively with producers to accurately estimate the workload and resources required when creating production budgets and planning.

Ensures effective communication between CG Supervisors and department leads to foster the sharing of critical information in each project.

Ensures that the CG Supervisor assigned to each project establishes the optimal technical path to achieve the vision of the client and the VFX supervisor.

Oversees the technical postmortems reports at the end of the project and ensures that all appropriate documentation is available.

Instills a unifying leadership that promotes collaborative work between all trades and technical departments.

Ensures the proper and standardized integration of new employees within the various teams and departments.

Job requirements

Determined, proactive, thinks big, strives for excellence.

Flexible, positive, in solution mode.

A team player, a good listener, building on mutual trust and aiming for collective success.

Demonstrates strong and unifying leadership, capable of inspiring, motivating and effectively leading team members towards the achievement of set objectives.

Can coach, guide.

Communicates with ease and knows how to reassure in stressful situations.

Organized, rigorous and results-oriented.

Capable of rational analysis taking into account both macro-micro and short-term/long-term factors.

Can juggle multiple priorities at the same time.

Able to operate under pressure and under tight deadlines.

Comfortable in a changing environment.


10-15 years of experience in 3D animated film and/or TV series including a minimum of 5 years in a team supervision role.

Excellent technical knowledge of 3D animation workflows and production software.

Very good knowledge of Shotgun.

Strong understanding of production issues.

Bilingual French/English.

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