Lighting Artist

Lighting Artist

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The lighting artist is part of the 3D lighting team under the authority of the lead. His main role is to implement the basic lighting and compositing for all 3D elements for each part of the project.


  • Works actively and closely with his teammates, his lead and 3D supervisor;
  • Organizes his work according to priorities and timeframes;
  • Follows artistic and technical directives;
  • Inform the team leader of his work progress;
  • Offers tests of light that will be subject to approval by the art direction;
  • Design and creation of  lighting “set up” for characters and environments;
  • Performs partial compositing plans;
  •  Responsible for the technical lighting “pipeline” with the Technical Director;
  •  Collaborates on technical decisions that would affect his department;
  •  Develops various working tools to his teammates and provides technical support;
  • Documents the scripts and tools created and maintains relevant information;
  • Works closely with the Department of textures, technical director, technical director of characters and compositing department;
  • Contribute to any other task which can be assigned to him (her) from time to time by the producer for the needs of the current projects.


  • Graduate degree in 3D animation;
  • Very good knowledge of general lighting;
  • Concepts of colors;
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar position;
  • Very good knowledge of Maya and notions of Nuke;
  • Knowledge of Unreal;
  • Able to “script” and operating under V-Ray and or RedShift;
  • Knowledge of one of the following programming languages: J Script, VB Script, C + + and Python;
  • Good mathematical knowledge;
  • Able to work under pressure and ability to work in teams;
  • Good communication skills, initiative and artistic sence.;
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