Motion Capture Studio Coordinator

Motion Capture Studio Coordinator

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Type: Permanent

About the position

The Production Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the production schedule by ensuring that all team members meet deadlines. He/She organizes the administrative side of the Mocap studio and participates in the planning of a shoot according to the producer’s instructions. He/She organizes bookings and ensures effective communication between the various parties involved. The coordinator prepares the actors’ contracts according to industry standards, and keeps the billing up to date accordingly.


  • Communicate with the stakeholders (stunt coordinator and/or the client) in order to get information about the needs of the shootings, the needs of the filming, i.e.:
    • Structure/Props needs to be made or rented ;
    • Number of actors required and search for their information ;
    • Number of rigs we’ll have to deal with ;
    • Reception of 3D model and other potential stakeholders.
  • Plan and coordinate actors ie:
    • Hotel reservation when necessary ;
    • Reservation of modes of transport or other when necessary ;
    • Management of ACTRA contracts and NDAs to be done when necessary ;
    • Very precise communication to the actors (call time, address or any specific information to communicate for the shooting in question) ;
    • Reservation of the medical service.
  • Manage the catering:
    • Choice and reservation of menus (taking into account allergies and/or specific requests of the actors or the client).
  • Accounting for all costs for the shooting (hotel bills, catering, airplanes, artists and subcontractors’ bills, staff time, etc.) and reflect them in the cost report of the project under the responsibility of the producer, and analyze the variances with the initial budget in order to justify them to the client ;
  • Follow up with actors and subcontractors to ensure timely receipt of invoices ;
  • Prepare mocap invoices according to the specifics requested by each client, under the supervision of the producer and the finance department ;
  • All other related tasks to assist the producer when necessary (shotgun tasks, validation of seconds invoiced by outsourcers for example or other).


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills ;
  • Detail-oriented ;
  • Pro-active, reactive ;
  • Team player ;
  • Organized ;
  • Good stress management ;
  • Ability to build strong interpersonal relationships ;
  • Rigorous ;
  • Resourceful ;
  • Autonomous.


  • Have a minimum of 2 years or more experience in the field of project management, animated feature films or television animation ;
  • Good knowledge of a Mocap pipeline ;
  • Good knowledge of Shotgun, an asset ;
  • Bilingualism (French/English).
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