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About the position

The Producer is responsible for delivering the projects entrusted to him/her within MOOV’s budgets, deadlines, vision and quality standards. He is responsible for the relationship with the client and bridges the gap with creative and technical teams by fostering a climate of mutual trust. Throughout the project, he or she supervises the teams assigned to him or her and strengthens their cohesion and effectiveness by clearly communicating objectives and demonstrating unifying leadership.


  • Collects from the Executive Producer the order for the project and its particularities, as well as the commitments made by MOOV to the client in the annex to the contract;
  • Based on the preliminary planning prepared by the Executive Producer, establishes the overall project planning and identifies the major project milestones, in consultation with the VFX Sup or CG Sup, and communicates them to the coordinator;
  • Determines resource and material requirements with the VFX Sup or CG Sup and communicates them to the various stakeholders;
  • Logs his/her resource needs by keeping his/her projects up to date in the studio planning tool;
  • In the development phase, supervises the creative team and determines the steps and deliverables in consultation with them;
  • Builds the bridge between the motion capture division and production, depending on the nature and needs of his projects, and then ensures that the motion capture equipment required for production is obtained from the motion capture division;
  • Monitor the different levels of internal/client approval and reflect approval within teams;
  • Proposes the main stages of the project to the client, determined in advance with the VFX Sup/CG Sup;
  • Adapts the plan and communicates changes as required;
  • Stick to assigned budgets and ensure project profitability, prepare change orders and forward them to the client and/or business development team;
  • Manages and approves overtime requirements;
  • Respond to customer, leads customer meetings and transmits information to the coordinator;
  • Provides the client with solutions to the issues raised, previously treated with VFX Sup / CG Sup;
  • Is involved in the estimation of potential projects as an advisor when required;
  • Prepares internal and external reports on project progress, when required;
  • Develops and recommends payment schedules for its projects and submits them to the Chief Financial Officer;
  • Inspire his team through collaborative leadership and guides them towards excellence in the realization of the animation projects for which he is responsible.


  • Strong project management skills and knowledge ;
  • Strategic thinking ;
  • Collaborative leadership ;
  • Diplomacy and interpersonal skills ;
  • Excellent ability to establish real and lasting interpersonal relationships ;
  • High adaptability; flexibility in a constantly changing environment ;
  • Organizational skills and autonomy.


  • Have delivered major projects of cinematics and trailers for video games, animation films or VFX ;
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry and project production processes ;
  • 5 years minimum experience as a producer of animated films or TV series ;
  • University education in a relevant field ;
  • Very good knowledge of Shotgun ;
  • Mandatory bilingualism (French/English).
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