Production Designer

Production Designer

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Type: Full Time
Production Designer
Montréal (Mile End)
Quebec city

Job description

We are looking for a production designer who will be responsible for the artistic vision of a film production. He/she will put the script into images and collaborate with the director and scriptwriters.

He gives the starting impulse for the overall vision, look and feel of a film (emotional tone). He intervenes at the very beginning of a project.

He can be chosen on a film for its strong visual signature and desired style. It influences the film at the very beginning. Often for projects where he has visual carte blanche (I.P). He must be an excellent draftsman.


  • Works directly with the director and writers to select the parameters and visual style to tell the story;
  • Together with the Viz Dev team (which was determined at the beginning of the project and has a style specific to the project), carries out and directs the visual research that describes the atmosphere and tone that best supports the story; he is the head of visual development;
  • Creates sketches, preliminary concepts, illustrations, environments/decors; colour palettes, moods, situations and staging to support/complete/inspire the director’s vision; defines the framework for visual concepts.
  • Proposes a graphic line to the film/TV series, proposing characters, universes, vehicles, etc. and creates the bible;
  • Introduces the concepts and overall artistic vision to the team, then transfers the implementation and responsibility for the artistic vision, in production, to the VFX SUP.
  • Collaborates with VFX Sup, CG Sup, the producer and the director to streamline concepts according to technical requirements, deadlines and budgets.

Job requirements

  • Ability to work in a wide range of styles;
  • Excellent attention to detail;
  • Strong critical ability for framing, composition, colorimetry, lighting and aesthetic style;
  • A minimum of 5 years in art direction, production design, conceptual work or illustration, animation or visual effects;
  • Very good communication skills and great sociability, for a clear and concise communication of the artistic directions to be undertaken, both with the internal team and with the client;
  • Sense of initiative and surpassing oneself; ability to manage, prioritize and assign tasks and solve problems;
  • Thorough knowledge of Photoshop;
  • Knowledge of After Effects or Nuke is an asset.


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