Production Manager

Production Manager

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Driven by a talented and dynamic team, Digital District has developed a valuable expertise in visual post-production, advertising and feature film. We work with directors and producers, offering them the possibility of a creative partnership. Our service is operational from design to visual finalization of the projects: Concept Design, On-set Supervision, 2D Compositing, 3D Visual Effects, 2D/3D Animation and Color Grading.

The company, now international (Paris, Brussels, Los Angeles), introduced Montreal’s VFX market in January 2017, so we are looking to build a strong team to carry out the challenging projects coming on.


  • Work closely with the Executive Producer to ensure that the client expectations are met while respecting budgets and deadlines;
  • Customer Relationship Manager:
    • Foster and maintain all communications (oral and written) with clients;
    • Planning and communication of ETA on a weekly basis;
    • Participation to the briefings between client, supervisors, artistic director and / or director;
  • Make sure to know all about the projects scope (reading scripts and other documents) in order to understand customer expectations and all projects specifications;
  • Act as a reference on the project (internally and externally) and ensure that all the teams (coordination, supervision, artists) have the relevant information regarding their work;
  • Responsible for the overall planning of projects (including the supervision on the film set) and ensure the respect of budgets and deadlines;
  • Presentation of various budget reports (internally and externally);
  • Responsible for preparing / updating quotes in collaboration with the VFX Supervisor;
  • Assign work to the artists, in collaboration with Coordinators, Team Leaders and Supervisors;
  • Ensure that the production pipeline is complied with at each level and that data are accurate at all times on Shotgun;
  • Approve overtime as well as requests for vacation and absences;
  • Collaboration with the subcontractors in partial or total outsourcing, in partnership with the Production Manager;
  • Perform any other duties that may be assigned to him by management;
  • Act as a mentor and as a representative of the organization by encouraging other employees to become involved in the organization’s culture and bylaws.



  • Minimum 5 years of VFX experience in project management and team management ;
  • Mastery of software: Microsoft Office & Filemaker (Shotgun : an asset).


We are looking for talented artists, but above all curious, motivated and with real teamwork skills.

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