NUKE Compositor

NUKE Compositor

Apply before: 2018-04-30

NUKE Compositor Job

The NUKE Compositor create images, looks and effects according to the artistic orientations of the client. The Compositor uses raw materials such as real shots, CG images, decors and motion graphics to assemble them with taste and aesthetics, with the software NUKE. The work of the Compositor amplifies the emotions desired by the director through invisible VFX. 


Manufacturing of NUKE Images (70%)

• Contribute to the development of the desired look, artistic orientations and aesthetic qualities.

• Conduct research to develop the concept of the creative project.

• Clarify the desired atmosphere and the message to be conveyed.

• Determine the possibilities offered by the tools and software in use.

• Create images from actual shots, 3D image, 2D graphics.

• Design a pre-target, a first jet after 60% of the manufacturing process.

• Make adjustments quickly and efficiently according to criteria and expectations.

• Effectively solves technical and design problems encountered.

NUKE Creations-Researches (30%)

• Develop, exercise your eye using constant viewing of movies, clips, ads.

• Is on the lookout for novelty in imaging tools and software (magazines, exhibitions, fairs).

• Research and listen constantly, be on the lookout for tastes and market trends (competitors, directors) and those of consumers in general.

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