Render Wrangler

Render Wrangler

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About the position

Under the supervision of the IT Manager and the Head of Production, the render wrangler is responsible for managing and monitoring the render farm on a daily basis, while respecting priorities. He or she is responsible for the render farm and ensures its smooth operation.


  • Monitor the efficiency of the render queues ;
  • Ensure that production priority renderings are completed successfully and on time ;
  • Provides technical support ;
  • Find solutions to rendering errors ;
  • Create daily reports for each production identifying problems and priorities ;
  • Communicate relevant information to producers, coordinators and technical directors ;
  • Ensures that all rendering layers are complete and error-free.


  • Detail-Oriented ;
  • Organized ;
  • Team Player ;
  • Rigorous ;
  • Autonomous.


  • Have an AEC or DEC in 3D animation and/or relevant college education ;
  • Knowledge of digital film production tools such as Maya, Nuke and Houdini ;
  • Good knowledge of informatics ;
  • Ability to take concise notes and write reports ;
  • Knowledge of Python (a plus) ;
  • Knowledge of Deadline (a plus).

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