Layout Supervisor

Layout Supervisor

Apply before: 2020-03-31

The Layout Supervisor leads layout artists in the creation of a cinematic vision for the production that supports the narrative. Serves as the creative layout lead. Manages the translation of story sketches into a 3D version of the story reel. Oversees the creation of story composition, staging and initial camera set-up. Recommends creative and technical solutions to aesthetic problems. Shepherds shots through final layout. Accountable for shot count management. Accountable for on time, on budget execution and delivery of up to date layouts throughout production.


• Responsible for creating and prepping all shots on the production by gathering all model and BG elements into a data file and inserting in a CG camera, in preparation for main animation. – based upon the storyboard reel.
• Responsible for setting up, organizing and maintaining the workflow within the layout department working on the picture.
• Responsible for working with the Producers and Production coordinators to determine the priority and ordering of all camera layouts being completed and lined up for the animation department.
• Responsible for communicating with the modeling department to ensure that all necessary model assets required to complete priority and prioritized layouts are completed on schedule, allowing the layout department to hit its deadlines and targets.
• Responsible for working closely with the Animation Director and Associate Producer / Production Manager to ensure a smooth flow of shots out of layout, into animation.
• Responsible for the setup, organization, and maintenance of the layout departments file structure, ensuring that the organization and file structure within the department is allowing and working well with the animation, modeling and compositing department’s needs.
• Communication of the layout department’s requirements, issues, and status to the Producers and Production coordinators, to ensure the department runs smooth and acquires all resources, and information it requires to service the layout of the picture.
• Participation in modeling, animation, and IT daily and weekly production meetings to fully understand the requirements of the layout department on the picture, and the overall status, advances, issues and requirements of the overall production.


• Degree/diploma in fine arts or animation or equivalent experience an asset
• A minimum of 5 years film or television experience
• Strong skills in layout, strong composition skills, animation & cinematography are required
• Basic understanding of modeling, lighting and stereoscopy
• Knowledge of Maya is preferable
• The ability to visualize in 3D space
• Strong understanding of character posing
• Able to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas
• Able to multi-task and prioritize
• Thrive in a high pressure, deadline oriented environment
• Enjoy working in teams and has the ability to follow directions.
• Able to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas
• Able to thrive in a high pressure, deadline oriented environment
• Enjoy working in teams
• Able to follow directions well

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This job description is not meant to be all inclusive. Employee may be required to perform other duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.
Please note that Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents will be considered in priority.

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