TD Pipeline / Software Engineer / Programmer Analyst (Junior)

TD Pipeline / Software Engineer / Programmer Analyst (Junior)

Apply before: 2017-10-20
Type: Permanent

Driven by a talented and dynamic team, Digital District has developed a valuable expertise in visual post-production, advertising and feature film. We work with directors and producers, offering them the possibility of a creative partnership. Our services cover the breadth of the production pipeline; Concept Design, On-set Supervision, 2D Compositing, 3D Visual Effects, 2D/3D Animation and Color Grading.

The international company (Paris, Brussels, Los Angeles), established the Montreal studio in January 2017. We are building a strong team to face the challenge of upcoming projects.


The technical director (TD) is at the heart of the company’s activities; solving technical problems and optimizing work tools. They are responsible for the glue between post-production software and tools. On a daily basis, the TD is required to perform the following tasks:

  • Maintain production pipeline software;
  • Analyze and develop new software tools;
  • Work closely with the TDs of each department;
  • Participate in the pipeline optimization processes;
  • Solve 2D / 3D scene problems and production support;
  • Communicate the tools and processes developed to the rest of the team;
  • Provide creative input on client projects to improve quality and creativity.


  • Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science or equivalent;
  • Bilingual (French and English);
  • Proficiency in the Python language;
  • Excellent ability in Linux (RHEL / CENTOS) and Bash;
  • Manage source code under git / gitlab;
  • Knowledge of Nuke and Maya, an asset;
  • Development in C ++, an asset;
  • Knowledge of Qt, PyQT or PySide, an asset;
  • Knowledge of the Shotgun management tool, an asset;
  • Autonomous and self-taught (eg, able to learn to use an API and to do reverse engineering when necessary);
  • Attention to detail.

We are looking for talented collaborators, but above all curious, motivated and with real teamwork skills.

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