CFX Artist

CFX Artist

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Job description

Squeeze is looking for CFX artists of all levels. This person will use his/her creative and technical abilities to create various simulated effects for characters and props, etc. for many of our 3D projects (TV series, video game cinematics, trailers).


  • Create cloth, hair, and other character related simulations to match project leadership’s vision at both the asset and shot level;
  • Collaborate with project and department leadership to establish creative and technical approaches for all project tasks;
  • Present personal creative vision/results for tasks and collaborate with project and department leadership to achieve the creative vision for the project;
  • Collaborate with team and department members to create visually stunning effects;
  • Possibility of developing CreatureFX department and show tools under guidance of and in collaboration with department and team leadership.


Job requirements


  • Experience with cloth & hair simulation;
  • Artistic understanding of cloth, hair, and other character related effects;
  • Understanding of 3D animation pipelines;
  • Detail oriented;
  • Ability to resolve problems independently until the time comes to ask for help;
  • Communicates in ways that lift and elevate others;
  • Receives feedback on work in a respectful manner and willingly works to achieve the creative vision of project leaders;
  • Open to opportunities to learn and grow.



  • DEC/AEC or university education related to the position (3D animation, multimedia, etc.);
  • Maya’s Nucleus system (nCloth/nHair);
  • Character (geometry and hair) finalling;
  • Demo reel that demonstrates artistic eye and/or technical skills;
  • CFX asset (simulation rigs) development experience;
  • Houdini Vellum and Python, a plus.
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