Animation Director

Animation Director

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In charge of a team of experienced animators, the animation director is the guardian of the quality of the animations produced. Drawing on his experience and vast know-how, he inspires the animators, guides them and leads them to surpass themselves. He is also responsible for establishing a dynamic and professional relationship with our various partners and clients, ensuring that the highest standards of excellence for which Squeeze is renowned are maintained.


  • Lead the team of animators in the creation of high quality animations;
  • Collaborate closely with the director and the lead storyboard;
  • Define the animation style and artistic direction according to the references provided and ensure that it is shared and applied on a daily basis by the animation team;
  • Participate in dailies and review with the team. Challenges and pushes the quality by communicating textually and with drawings his intentions;
  • Work in conjunction with the Storyboard Team Leader and the Director to ensure acting choices and pace meet the needs of the story;
  • Explore avenues with the Department Lead for technical solutions, approaches to approach the scenes;
  • Once the layout is completed, in collaboration with the Show Lead, helps his team to split the shots, establish the technical game plan for each shot/sequence;
  • Together with the Rigging Team Leader, determines the rig standards and animation tools required for the projects, their quality and level of complexity;
  • Determines the construction phases of the production of an animation sequence, blocking, polish, etc…. and establishes the strategy towards the client (no. of seconds / week, etc…);
  • Establish follow-ups with show leads to inform about his vision;
  • Organize kickoffs to clarify the style of the show, outlining clear rules and exemplary shot benchmarks for the show;
  • Inspire and guide by setting standards and suggesting creative approaches to achieve desired goals;
  • Share and communicate your vision to the artists, providing references such as video or other reference material, as well as train the animators on the rules to follow;
  • Identify and rectify creative and technical problems related to animation;
  • Establish a relationship of trust with the client and/or partner by making sure to understand their needs and to set up an effective communication channel;
  • Follow up to ensure on-time delivery of animations without compromising on quality;
  • Define the animation style to differentiate Squeeze in a unique signature;
  • Work closely with the producer to be aware of the deliverables;
  • Establish kickoffs to clarify the style of the show, demonstrating clear rules and exemplary shot benchmarks for the show;
  • Participate in listing animation bank needs.

Job requirements

  • Ability to lead and have responsibilities;
  • Excellent sense of observation;
  • Developed artistic sense;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Sense of initiative;
  • Creative;
  • Team spirit, leadership;
  • Excellent ability to adapt to change;
  • Strong problem solving skills;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Open to constructive criticism;
  • Good pedagogue;
  • Autonomous.


  • DEC/AEC or university degree related to the position (3D animation, multimedia, etc.);
  • 10 years of experience in the animation industry, including a minimum of 5 years as Director of Animation or any other similar position;
  • Excellent knowledge of Maya and Shotgun software;
  • Extensive knowledge of 3D animation principles and anatomy.
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