CG Supervisor

CG Supervisor

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The CG Supervisor serves as the chief technical leadership for a CG production and is responsible for the definition and execution of high-level technical strategy.

The CG Supervisor directs a team of department supervisors and technical directors in meeting the technical needs and objectives of a production. This team provides up-front project setup and configuration, ongoing guidance of the project through the production pipeline, strategic planning for upcoming technical challenges, and ultimately delivery against critical milestones.

The CG Supervisor collaborates with Project and Studio Leadership to determine and manage the technical approach needed to achieve the creative and quality goals of the project within the project budget, schedule, and resources.

The CG Supervisor must provide direction for their technical team while focusing primarily on the big-picture landscape of their production.


• Responsible for the successful execution of a project through the production pipeline.
• Evaluates the creative requirements of a project, determines their technical implications, and makes high-impact operational decisions. Examples include the selection of renderer, the adoption of third-party tools vs. proprietary development, and the selection of specific technical methodologies.
• Oversees the adoption, setup, and implementation of the studio production pipeline for the production and ensures proper compatibility with the specific challenges of that production.
• Provide clear direction to all CG departments, setting clear objectives and monitoring the process, progress and results
• Clearly brief developers on R&D and pipeline requirements
• Determine, modify and maintain the most effective and efficient technical approach and workflow possible
• Assist and supervise the artist in achieving all technical aspects of production including assets dev, rigging, animation, lighting, and FX
• Studies patterns and trends, identify current technical challenges, and forecasts future requirements for critical pipeline resources such as network storage, render nodes, and software licensing.
• Design and implement the technical, artistic pipeline and workflow, and made sure the tools for the project are up to the task
• Train the team members and review their work, ensuring high standard results
• Stays attentive to emerging industry technologies and production techniques, and determines practical applications for these advancements in order to improve production.
• Collaborates with production technology leadership peers, attends regular production technology team meetings and serves an active role in the direction of the pipeline.


• Degree/diploma in Computer Science, Animation or related field
• Minimum 5 years’ production experience and technical leader in film or television effects
• Extensive production experience
• The ability to identify both current and potential technical challenges
• Experience as a technical lead on an animated feature film is preferred
• Experience in developing long-form CG production pipelines
• Extensive production experience in all the following areas: layout, animation, modeling, texturing, rigging, fur/hair, cloth, effects, lighting, and compositing as well as understanding of the 2D pipeline
• Experience with Arnold or similar production renderer
• Strong technical understanding of CG pipelines and the ability to specify efficient workflows and identify additional tools required
• Thorough understating of the various technical and creative aspect of production for CG animation
• Previous experience training, mentoring and recruiting CG artists
• Ability to lead technical teams, with a positive attitude and encourages collaboration, of 20 individuals, across multiple inter-related initiatives.
• Ability to manage time and balance priorities, often amidst the pressures of busy, deadline-driven production.
• Strong aesthetic sense; demonstrates ability to make creative and aesthetic judgment calls.
• UNIX/LINUX operating system experience required
• Experience programming Python is required
• Project Management – proven ability in managing projects from concept to completion. Able to prioritize appropriately and always meet deadlines.
• Excellent Teamwork – ability to assemble and motivate teams and work effectively with others.
• Superb Written & Verbal Communication – good at following directions; Ability to interact with and integrate requests of directors, broadcasters, executives and clients.
• Strong Problem Solving Skills.
• Excellent conflict resolution and negotiation skills.

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