Character Modeling Supervisor

Character Modeling Supervisor

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Type: Full Time
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About the position

Squeeze is looking for a character modeling supervisor who will be responsible for supervising the artistic quality, implementing workflows within the department and using their knowledge to improve the department. With its expertise, the supervisor will inspire and guide the modeling artists while leading them to grow. The Supervisor will be responsible for the technical and artistic quality of character modeling within the department.


  • Oversee the character modeling department;

  • Fully understand the requirements of the concepts and create modeling that is true to the approved concept and direction;

  • Create and modify modeling following the creative direction of the production;

  • Be proactive and report technical issues and potential problems to the pipeline team in a timely manner;

  • Develop the department vision in collaboration with the team and the supervisor;

  • Participate in the improvement of the character modeling pipeline;

  • Work effectively in a variety of visual styles while respecting technical, artistic, budgetary and time constraints;

  • Mentor and coach the department’s artists, helping to develop each artist by providing challenges and goals;

  • Obtain the visual rendering desired by the supervisor;

  • Ensure continuity and consistency in the various sequences of a project;

  • Communicate effectively with the crew, vfx supervisor and producer to ensure deadlines are met;

  • Document the scripts, workflows and tools he/she creates and maintain the information on the Intranet;

  • Coordinate with other departments to ensure a good interdepartmental flow;

  • Perform technical and artistic reviews of the assets and ensure their perfect functioning;

  • Support the team and participate in the creation of high quality assets;

  • Perform preliminary reviews of artists’ material, ensuring that basic client requirements are met, before submission to Vfx Sup;

  • Perform modeling of more complex assets or help structure the task for the artist;

  • Ensure the training of the team for the needs of the project;

  • Ensure the pipeline is working properly by testing and following up with the pipeline team. Test the Build, Update and Publish for assets;

  • Communicate directly with other teams for fixes, issues, workflows, etc.

  • Actively participate in the selection process for new hires

  • Organize and facilitate team meetings

  • Ensure that the department is kept informed of new developments


  • Leadership;

  • Team player;

  • Good communication skills;

  • Attention to detail;

  • Strong technical problem solving skills;

  • Sense of initiative;

  • Creative;

  • Excellent ability to adapt to change;

  • Open to constructive criticism;

  • Ability to work with tight deadlines;

  • Rigorous;

  • Self-starter.


  • A minimum of 8 years of experience in the 3D animation industry;

  • Experience as a department head or in a similar role;

  • Relevant training in the field of 3D animation and CGI;

  • Expert level knowledge of Zbrush

  • Good knowledge of displacement map and normal map generation;

  • Knowledge of Maya;

  • Ability to multitask and prioritize with production.

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