Crowd Supervisor

Crowd Supervisor

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The Crowd Supervisor is responsible for studio wide management of the crowd department, leading teams of artists and coordinating with all levels of production


    • Collaborates and communicates with supervisors and producers in order to implement efficient and effective ways to integrate crowd pipeline and problem solve if any issues for feature film development
    • Proposes creative approaches and solutions for any specific shots
    • On-going communication with artists, leads, production and supervisor regarding schedules, deadlines and shot/sequence feedback; attend all relevant meetings on shots, sequences and production
    • Trains of junior artists and Generalists in crowd specific pipeline disciplines
    • Supervises motion capture sessions when necessary for show and studio motion libraries
    • Develops pipeline tools and workflows for crowds at both show and studio levels
    • Collaborates with the departments to and from the crowd department to optimize workflow and pipeline


    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
    • Minimum four (4) years of crowd experience in a feature film production setting
    • Experience with Golaem is required
    • Maya knowledge is required
    • Experience with other Maya based crowd simulation tools preferred (Miarmy, Massive, Houdini)
    • Able to work independently with minimal supervision; strong troubleshooting/problem solving ability
    • Understanding of all parts of post production pipeline with a focus on Animation/rigging
    • MotionBuilder and Max knowledge is a plus
    • Python / C++ experience (desired)
We offer extended medical, disability and dental insurance.
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