Head of Layout and Previz

Head of Layout and Previz

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Type: Full time

The Head of Layout and Previs determines the workflows of his teams and participates in the overall development of the pipeline and prioritization of the necessary tools. He oversees the day-to-day operations and long-term strategic management of his departments.

He works closely with the CG Director, CG Supervisors, Directors and Producers to delegate project needs to his teams and represent the voice of environments and layout with respect to workload and pipeline environment.

He builds and leads a motivated and enthusiastic team, where each artist has the opportunity to learn and grow.



  • Work in coordination with the animation and rigging departments

  • Liaise directly with the VFX Supervisor/Producer and delegate environmental needs of the project(s) to the environmental team; represent the voice of the environmental team in regards to workload and pipeline environment.

  • Lead, motivate and coach our environmental team to ensure all elements are complete and on time from start to finish of each project.

  • Responsible for the management of the environmental team, quality of environmental work and overview and development of the environmental pipeline across projects.

  • Lead by example and maintain a hands-on environmental role, but also take on project specific tasks including tracking plans and overall project progress.

  • Produce or assist in the production of plans for each project

  • Define techniques for complex visual effects shots and work with other departments to complete them.

  • Participate in the evaluation of future projects with the producers.

Team Management

  • Participate in recruitment and make recommendations.

  • Guide departments in the overall direction of the studio and projects;

  • Manage the integration of new artists into the existing team in accordance with the overall needs of the company.

  • Cast and assign appropriate teams to individual projects, balancing financial, technical and creative considerations of the task.

  • Encourage creative vision and technical abilities, while ensuring balanced personal and professional development.

  • Evaluate team performance through end-of-project evaluations, and manage career development and promotions within the broader company framework with the Director of Continuing Education.


  • Previously held a team supervisory role.

  • Creative and technical ability

  • Strong technical background is essential

  • Strong technical understanding of CG pipelines and ability to develop effective workflows related to layout and layout presentation and identify additional tools needed.

  • Expert camera, presentation, animation blocking, scene assembly and composition and cinematography skills required

  • Strong understanding of modeling, texturing, lookdev and stereoscopy; generalist experience is essential.

  • Maya Expert

  • Experience in concept design is a plus

  • Previous experience in Previs is a plus, which is why the need of a strong generalist background is necessary.

  • Basic skills in modeling and rigging are required to be able to provide correct feedbacks to the modeling or rigging departments.

  • An overall understanding of the workflow from every department helps to define a proper approach to provide previs and Layout data efficiently.

  • Strong animation knowledge is a plus for rough blocking.

  • Strong technical background in photography, with an emphasis on color and composition.

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