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Layout Artist

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The Layout Artist is responsible for the story-telling, shot sequence continuity and presentation as part of the VFX pipeline for feature film and/or high level television. Utilizing assets from the modeling department and/or camera track from the matchmove department, they create a rough pass of the shot as a whole as well as packages necessary components for use in later departments. While camera animation and composition is the main objective, a Layout Artist may be required to create simple animation, lighting and FX in order to convey key story points.


    • Creates visually striking composition based on shot description and/or storyboard
    • Matches references such as previs and/or images
    • Supplement shots with simple but convincing animation, lighting and FX to aid story-telling
    • Stitches plate-based shots into a full CG environment and vice versa
    • Assembles the correct combination of assets in a shot for use in downstream departments
    • Includes proof of scale and continuity in a virtual layout set up
    • Debugs technical problems and escalate issues as needed
    • Takes directions and applies notes from supervisors


    • Three (3) to five (5) years of layout experience in visual effects for feature film or television (required)
    • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in the field of arts, film and/or animation (preferred)
    • Advanced software skills in Maya (required)
    • Basic to Intermediate skills in 3ds Max, Photoshop, Shotgun, Nuke and Scripting (preferred)
    • Extensive skillset in camera animation, staging and set dressing
    • Great sense of presentation via lighting, texturing and/or FX
    • Solid animation grounding for story-telling purposes
    • Background or experience in traditional Fine Arts demonstrating a thorough understanding of framing and composition
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; a team player with great attitude
    • Great eye for detail with excellent and consistent quality assurance
    • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills
    • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
We offer extended medical, disability and dental insurance.
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