Lead Layout

Lead Layout

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Type: Full Time

About the position

Squeeze and Moov are looking for a Lead Layout, whose mission will be to develop the pipeline, implement working methods within the layout department and use his knowledge to improve it. Drawing on his experience and extensive knowledge, he will inspire and guide artists while leading them to surpass themselves.


  • Supervise the layout department, which has the task of creating the 3D space in which the projects will take place, using the assets provided for this purpose and creating new assets (set dressing) ;
  • Supervise Layout artists and ensure daily follow-up to keep an overview of all the department’s activities ;
  • Work in collaboration with the Lead Storyboard and the Director to ensure that the production meets the needs of the story. Suggests avenues for the Director to develop technical solutions to the storyboard ;
  • Once the storyboard is finished, make sure to brief the team on the plan for the layout to respect the intents of the story (scene settings) ;
  • With the Lead Storyboard, determine everything necessary to create the basis for the sets; ensure that all references and important files are available in order to be able to recreate in CG ;
  • Determine and anticipate with the CG supervisor the production needs for the scenes, so each department can focus on its specialty (lighting, compositing, cfx, etc.) and ensure a good flow between departments ;
  • For the animators, interpret the 2D storyboard, perform blocking, posing and character timing. Help layout artists find the best original idea to interpret the storyboard for the animation that will result from it; solve the technical problems involved ;
  • Ensure that the set dressing is complete enough for the image composition, and that some props will functional for lighting (ex: lamp, street lights, etc.) and that everything will work in lighting, simulation, crowds, and matte painting.


  • Artistic sense ;
  • Detail-oriented ;
  • Creative ;
  • Team player ;
  • Strong ability to solve technical problems ;
  • Good communication ;
  • Open to constructive criticism ;
  • Organizational skills ;
  • Autonomous.


  • 5 years of experience in a VFX or CG production pipeline ;
  • Experience as a Lead or in a similar role ;
  • Good knowledge of Maya ;
  • Experience in animation ;
  • Good knowledge of camera, modeling, and animation ;
  • Good eye for composition and perspective ;
  • Experience in editing, lighting, or compositing, a plus ;
  • Knowledge of scripting with Mel or Python is a plus.
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