Lighting TD

Lighting TD

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A Lighting Technical Director at DNEG is someone who possesses a thorough knowledge of 3D Computer Graphics. From years of experience in shot finishing on broadcast or feature film projects you will have developed an ‘eye’ for the work. You will have a good working knowledge of art, design and film lighting, as well as a solid technical grounding in ray tracing or path tracing renderers.

Some experience with Look Development and shader setup will be of an advantage to you in this position. In this role you will work closely with experienced lighting leads and supervisors, to achieve the highest quality on our VFX projects, pushing the industry standard.

Must have

  • Experience on high-end productions (feature films/commercials/TV)
  • Production experience with Maya and/or Houdini and/or Clarisse
  • Showreel demonstrating experience in shot lighting and rendering on high quality productions
  • Experience troubleshooting pipeline issues
  • Experience using production quality renderers (e.g. Mantra, Renderman, Clarisse, Arnold…)

Nice to have

  • High end live-action VFX production experience, producing photoreal work
  • Production experience using Clarisse and/or Katana and/or Houdini
  • Basic compositing experience, using Nuke or equivalent
  • A broad Generalist TD background

About you

  • Passionate about film
  • Pro-active
  • Technically adept
  • Team oriented
  • Adaptable
  • Able to take direction

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