Matchmove Facility Department Lead | Responsable du département matchmove

Matchmove Facility Department Lead | Responsable du département matchmove

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A Scanline Matchmove Facility Department Lead is responsible for completing senior level Matchmove tasks as well as supporting and reviewing the work of their facility team (in advance of final approval from MM project lead). They will work closely with the Matchmove project leads and supervisor to ensure they and their facility team provide 3d solutions that precisely recreate the movement & technical aspects of the subject matter. Successful applicants should have the ability to communicate well with neighboring departments, lead a team and be capable of delivering work to meet deadlines.


  • To derive accurate camera & object 3d solutions adhering to all provided camera & subject specifications (eg: focal length, film back, lens distortion, rolling shutter etc.)
  • To be able to follow direction and take ownership of tasks
  • To be able to confidently flag when there are issues and/or lack of clarity related to their tasks and the tasks of their facility team.
  • Do their best to stay positive and accept direction changes in an intense production environment. As well as supporting and maintaining the moral of their team
  • To be conscious of continuity between scenes/shots when working with other Matchmove & Layout artists on the same project, sequence, assets etc.
  • Organize their time, collaborate, and effectively communicate with their supervisors and team mates
  • To make themselves available for cross site communication and collaboration with other global facilities


  • Similar role with 5+ years experience within feature film
  • Firm grasp of 3D tracking principles and toolsets

Software requirements:

  • 3d Equalizer – advanced knowledge.
  • Maya – advanced knowledge.
  • Nuke – basic knowledge.
  • Shotgun – intermediate knowledge
  • 3d Studio Max – not required, but beneficial.
  • Other tracking software knowledge also beneficial.
  • Must thrive in a team environment and enjoy working with other artists
  • Demonstrate a good eye for detail and precision with strong problem-solving skills
  • Able to deliver results to a high standard with the aid and direction of the Matchmove & Layout Leads / Supervisors.
  • Ability to be adaptable and accepting of changes in a production schedule
  • Aware of project schedules and capable of delivering work to deadlines
  • Aware of overall team deadlines and schedule; communicating with department production manager and/or coordinator any and all shifts in scheduled dates
  • A broad understanding of the overall VFX workflow and needs/requirements of other departments/disciplines
  • Good communication skills both technically, creatively, verbal and written


We offer extended medical, disability and dental insurance.


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