Mocap Animator

Mocap Animator

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Type: Full Time
motion builder
Quebec city


  • Work from the 3D storyboard/animatic and reference documents to create high level animation ;
  • Work from motion capture to increase the quality of the animation in order to achieve the ultimate realism ;
  • Ensure that the animation respects the style and artistic vision indicated by the animation director ;
  • Respect the production deadlines and quotas communicated by the coordinator and the associate producer ;
  • Execute the corrections requested by the Animation Director in a spirit of analysis ;
  • Organize his work and prepare the presentation elements for the daily validations ;
  • Participate actively in team meetings and kickoffs of the sequences to be animated.

Profil du candidat

  • Detail-oriented ;
  • Creative ;
  • Ability to interpret a storyboard, animated or static ;
  • Team player ;
  • Good communication skills ;
  • Excellent ability to adapt to change ;
  • Open to constructive criticism ;
  • Organized ;
  • Ability to work with tight deadlines ;
  • Rigorous ;
  • Autonomous.


  • College and/or university education relevant to the field of animation ;
  • At least 2 years experience on Motion Builder in a similar position ;
  • Be able to analyze organic movement, weight, and fluidity ;
  • Excellent knowledge of traditional animation techniques and principles of character movement ;
  • Excellent knowledge of animation in Motion Builder ;
  • Master the non-linear animation tools of Motion Builder (Story) ;
  • Knowledge of visual effects is an asset.
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