Motion Capture TD

Motion Capture TD

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Squeeze Mocap, a division of Squeeze Studio, is looking for a Technical Director of Animation (mocap) who will ensure that all technical aspects during shooting are considered and addressed for all stages of production. He(she) will develop tools and processes that will be used throughout the production and will ensure a technological watch to stay on top and aim for the highest standards of quality in motion capture animation.



  • Setting up and calibrating the motion capture system and ensuring optimal performance and data quality;
  • Using Unreal Engine to stream, record and process motion capture data in real time;
  • Using next generation software to capture and process facial expressions and emotions;
  • Using AI technologies to enhance and automate the motion capture pipeline and quality;
  • Troubleshooting any technical issues that may arise during the motion capture sessions;
  • Collaborating with other departments such as animation, rigging, art and production to ensure the motion capture data meets the creative and technical requirements of the project;
  • Researching and implementing new technologies and workflows to improve the motion capture pipeline and quality;
  • Collaborate with Mocap Supervisor to train and ensure staff follows best practices and standards;
  • Managing the schedule and resources of the motion capture of technical projects.



  • Organized;
  • Motivated;
  • Able to delegate;
  • A positive leader;
  • A good communicator;
  • A good collaborator;
  • A good listener.



  • At least five (5) years of experience in animation, visual effects or equivalent production environment;
  • A degree in computer science, 3D animation or the equivalent in work experience;
  • Experience with motion capture hardware (Optitrack, Vicon, XSens, StretchSense) and software such as  Unreal Engine, Motion Builder, Houdiniand next generation Virtual Production software and AI technologies;
  • Experience with motion capture techniques and principles, such as calibration, tracking, solving, retargeting and editing;
  • Experience with animation and rigging concepts and tools, such as keyframing, interpolation, constraints, blendshapes and skinning;
  • Experience with programming languages and scripting tools, such as C++, C#, Python, Mel and Blueprint;
  • Experience with computer graphics and rendering concepts and tools, such as lighting, shading, texturing and compositing.
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