Outsource Manager

Outsource Manager

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Job description

The Outsource Manager is responsible for meeting the studio’s outsourcing needs by establishing long-term relationships with external partners who can effectively support current productions. The Outsource Manager is responsible for identifying and pre-approving potential partners by evaluating various criteria such as quality of work, specific expertise, communication, workflow compatibility and pricing. He is responsible for helping each production choose the right partner according to the context and constraints and is mandated to ensure that the expected assistance is coordinated efficiently and delivered on time and in quality.

  • Monitor the market and identify potential partner studios, determine their expertise and other relevant information.
  • Receives solicitations from external studios, establishes communication and gathers initial information necessary to identify their potential. Responds to solicitors at all times in order to maintain a good relationship with them;
  • Maintains a database of potential studio partners with all relevant information for quick decision making; Records rates, including analysis of tax credit application with the finance/legal team;
  • Validates with the appropriate Supervisors/HOD/DAA the technical and artistic specifications that will lead to the pre-qualification or rejection of a potential studio;
  • Keeps abreast of all potential projects with the biz dev, executive producer and resource manager in order to be prepared for any possible needs;
  • Establishes with the producer of each project the specific needs, budgetary constraints, timelines, technical constraints, in order to bid on outsource studios that have been validated beforehand;
  • Submits to management and producers the detailed service offer of a selected studio for a project;
  • Develops the draft contract to be signed by the CFO;
  • Participates in any contract renegotiations if there are significant changes during the course of the project;
  • Keeps up to date with the resource manager on the status of projects and is responsible for developing post-mortems at the end of outsource studio interventions in order to measure their technical, artistic, time, workflow, technology performance;
  • Maintains statistics on studio performance;
  • Ensures the technological integration of the studios with the IT team.

Job requirements

  • At least 5 years producer/project manager experience working on live projects through delivery;
  • Previous experience as a Bid Producer is an asset;
  • Strong understanding of animation workflow and trades/specialties;
  • Flexible availability for calls and meetings with clients;
  • Ability to work within a small team to achieve a common goal;
  • Ability and experience to build effective working relationships with studios and colleagues;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Good knowledge of Excel;
  • Substantial experience as a project manager with a proven ability to provide detailed and accurate submissions;
  • Impeccable attention to detail and accuracy;
  • An entrepreneurial spirit with strong analytical skills;
  • Ability to build relationships with new contacts; experience building effective business relationships and communicating with clients;
  • Comfortable with drafting contracts;
  • Bilingual French/English.
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