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Type: Full Time

The Producer is responsible for delivering the projects entrusted to him/her within Squeeze’s budgets, deadlines and quality standards. The Producer is responsible for the relationship with the client and acts as a bridge to the creative and technical teams, fostering a climate of mutual trust. Throughout the duration of the project, he supervises the teams assigned to him and reinforces their cohesion and effectiveness by clearly communicating objectives and demonstrating unifying leadership.


  • Inspires his team through collaborative leadership and guides it towards excellence in the realization of the animation projects for which he is responsible;
  • At the request of the Executive Producer, participates in the evaluation of potential projects.
  • The Producer is the point of contact for the customer, responsible for maintaining good professional communication with the customer while preserving the Squeeze essentials.
  • In collaboration with the Executive Producer, initiates the kick-off with the VFX Sup – CG Sup – team and project/department lead;
  • In collaboration with the Executive Producer, reviews the specifics of the project assigned to him/her, as well as Squeeze’s commitments to the client in the contract schedule;
  • Establishes the overall project planning and identifies milestones in consultation with the VFX Sup, CG Sup and Leads and communicates them to the Project Manager and/or Coordinator;
  • In the absence of a Project Manager, the Producer, in addition to his duties, also assumes the role of Project Manager;
  • Identifies coordination needs and transmits information relevant to the role of each member of his team;
  • Proposes, brings out and decides on different solutions when problems occur on the project at all levels (Pipeline, IT, Human Resources, Client);
  • Initiates overtime when necessary for the delivery of the project, approves it and presents the resulting budget to the finance department;
  • Takes measures to preserve expected profits, customer satisfaction, timeliness and quality at every stage of the project;
  • Provides department supervisors with budget objectives translated into days and works with VFX Sup, CG Sup and Lead to achieve these objectives;
  • Prepares various budget reports as requested internally or by the client;
  • Ensures that technological risks are quickly identified and that solutions are put in place to resolve problems with the departments concerned (Head of Pipeline – Head of CG – etc) and that the production pipeline is respected at every level.
  • Records its resource needs by keeping its projects up to date in the studio planning tool;
  • In the development phase, coaches the creative team and determines milestones and deliverables in concert with them;
  • Follows up on the different levels of internal/client approval and passes the approval on to the teams;
  • Proposes the main steps of the project to the client, determined in advance with VFX Sup/CG Sup;
  • Adapts the production plan and communicates changes as required;
  • Respects the assigned budgets and ensures the profitability of the project, prepares change orders, submits them to the executive producer and transmits them to the client;
  • Responds to the client, conducts client meetings and transmits information to his coordination team;
  • Provides the client with solutions to the problems raised, previously treated with the VFX Sup / CG Sup;
  • Develops payment schedules, in conjunction with the Executive Producer, and submits them to the Chief Financial Officer;

Job requirements

  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a producer of animated films or TV series
  • University education in a relevant field
  • Very good knowledge of Shotgun
  • Mandatory bilingualism (French/English)


  • Have delivered major projects for animated films or television series
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry and project production processes
  • Strong project management skills and knowledge
  • Strategic thinking
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Diplomacy and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent ability to establish true and lasting interpersonal relationships
  • High adaptability; flexibility in a constantly changing environment
  • Organizational skills and autonomy
  • Requirements
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a producer of animated films or TV series
  • University education in a relevant field
  • Very good knowledge of Shotgun
  • Mandatory bilingualism (French/English)
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