Rendering Supervisor

Rendering Supervisor

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Rendering Supervisor

Job Summary:

The Rendering Supervisor is responsible for the management and efficient use of the render farm. This includes assessing the render resources required for projects based on information provided by the various production departments, as well as supervising a team of render wranglers. The Rendering Supervisor ensures that all render jobs are progressing without errors, and will work with the technical direction, information technology and production teams to resolve any issues that may arise. Additionally, the Rendering Supervisor must contribute to maintaining and evolving the guiding principles of the render farm’s utilization and wrangling.


  • Works closely with project and technical supervisors to assess the rendering requirements.
  • Updates weekly and per-episode reports of the farm usage.
  • Works towards the improvement of the rendering pipeline and its documentation.
  • Prioritizes workloads in a multi-project environment, based on production needs and technical requirements.
  • Supervises a team of render wranglers working around the clock whose responsibilities are:
    • The monitoring of render jobs and inspection of rendered frames in search of errors.
    • With the help of technical direction and information technology teams:
      • The maximization of the farm throughput by controlling idle or offline machines due to technical issues or lack of jobs.
      • The design of rendering pipelines for the different technologies used.
      • The detection of abnormalities, e.g. jobs that have longer rendering times than expected and the notification of the appropriate departments or artists.
      • The reporting of farm issues or recurring errors to technical directors and CG supervisors.
      • The education and support of artist and production departments pertaining to their rendering needs.


  • Degree/diploma in computer science, computer graphics or other related field, with a high degree of computer literacy.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in the visual effects or animation industry, including a minimum of 1 year of team supervision / management experience.
  • Capability to prioritize and time-manage own and team tasks under pressure.
  • Good communication skills and ability to synthesize information (reports and statistics).
  • Mastery of the requirements for render job prioritization.
  • Ability to lead and train members of a team.
  • Knowledge of Deadline and/or PipelineFx Qube.
  • Fluent usage of Linux.
  • Knowledge in 3D Digital Content Creation tools and workflows (Maya, Arnold, Nuke, Houdini), an asset.
  • Experience with scripting in Linux Bash & Python, an asset.
  • Understanding of unbiased rendering methods and algorithms, an asset.
  • Understanding of software optimization and hardware bottlenecks, an asset.

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