Rigging Artist

Rigging Artist

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Type: Full Time

Under the direct supervision of the Rigging Supervisor, this position is responsible for character, vehicle, and prop set up and designing rigs that allow for clean interaction during animation.


• Set-up characters and props with skeletons and deformers
• Provide technical direction on models, so that by the time a model reaches the rigging phase it meets the technical requirements needed for the highest level of rigging and skinning.
• Work closely with Animators to develop rigs that will allow animators the full range of motion and acting that is called for by the story, as well as, a logical and easy to use control structure
• Communicate needs for custom tools, scripts, etc, to Rigging Supervisor, other Riggers, and TD’s. Assist in the planning and design, as well as developing the tools and scripts as needed.
• Ability to create rigs that allow for a full range of movement, with a logical, easy to use, and well thought out control structure.


• Bachelor’s (BA) degree from accredited four-year college or university or equivalent experience
• At least 2 years production experience
• A strong understanding of animation and modeling workflows
• A strong understanding of human and animal form and bio-mechanics.
• Excellent knowledge of Maya, with a strong understanding of the dependency graph, utility nodes, and the use of expressions.
• Working knowledge of MEL is preferred.
• Working knowledge of Python is a must.
• Knowledge of the C API is not required, but is a distinct advantage.
• A general understanding of the principles of animation. Must be able to think like an animator when considering how rigs will move.
• Prior animation experience is a plus.

This job description is not meant to be all inclusive. Employee may be required to perform other duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

If you are interested, please apply here: https://jobs.reelfx.com/en/positions/rigging-artist-646

Please note that Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Candidate will be treated in priority.
Only the selected candidates will be contacted. Please note that you may be asked to provide references.

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