Rigging Supervisor

Rigging Supervisor

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Type: Permanent

The Rigging Supervisor will determine the workflow of the team and participate in the overall development of the pipeline and the prioritization of necessary tools. They will oversee the day-to-day operations and long-term strategic management of the department. The HOD will set the vision for rigging in the studio and is responsible for its innovation/R&D component, especially with the Mocap department and the Unreal cell. They will work closely with the CG Director, CG Supervisors and Producers to delegate project needs to the team and represent the voice of the Rigging department with respect to workload and pipeline environment. He/she will build and lead a motivated and enthusiastic team, where each artist will have the opportunity to learn and grow. This role reports to the CG Director.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with the CG Director and CG Supervisors to determine workflows, tooling requirements and technical needs ;

  • Supervise and mentor the rigging team with a focus on improving the overall quality and efficiency of their work;

  • Work closely with the animation and modeling department to optimize and improve rigging work;

  • Participate in turn over and breakdown meetings and assist in the bidding of projects;

  • Collaborate with VFX supervisors to find the best solutions for specific rigging needs of projects;

  • Ensure the quality of rigging for each project’s requirements;

  • Determine technical approaches to achieve goals within deadlines while monitoring progress;

  • Create film quality scripted rigs and refine them according to the needs of the animators and downstream departments;

  • Implement and refine character, body/face, fabric/deformer and hard surface rigs;

  • Keep abreast of rigging techniques in the industry and plan development when relevant new technologies emerge;

Team Management:

  • Build a team by participating in recruitment;

  • Guide departments in the overall direction of the studio and projects;

  • Manage the integration of new artists into the existing team, in accordance with the overall needs of the company and its standards.

  • Casting and assigning appropriate teams to various projects, balancing the financial, technical and creative considerations of the task.

  • Encourage creative vision and technical abilities, while ensuring balanced personal and professional development.

  • Evaluate team performance through end-of-project evaluations, and manage career development and promotions within the larger company framework with the Director of Continuing Education.


  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in a similar role;

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience ;

  • Experience in team supervision ;

  • Python development skills and debugging techniques ;

  • Object-oriented programming design skills;

  • In-depth understanding of rigging techniques and technologies;

  • Advanced knowledge of Maya;

  • Experience in film or TV series;

  • Excellent knowledge of Python, Maya API and C++ ;

  • Knowledge of Linux.



  • Excellent communication and leadership skills ;

  • Able to work well in a fast-paced environment ;

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills ;

  • Technical Support Orientation;

  • Ability to work under pressure with strict deadlines;

  • Ability to work cooperatively with a team and other departments ;

  • Bilingual English/French.

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