Senior 3D Layout Artist – Unreal

Senior 3D Layout Artist – Unreal

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Type: Full time

The project :

The Layout Artist will join the team for the production of the Netflix animated series that awakens the Dead: Army of the Dead, Lost Vegas; directed by Zack Snyder (Justice League, 300, Dawn of the Dead) and Jay Olivia (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns).

Armed with an impressive cast, the animated series traces the story of Scott (Dave Bautista) and his team of mercenaries during the initial fall of Vegas as they face the mysterious source of a zombie outbreak. Action, hemoglobin and suspense are part of their daily life.

Ready for the zombie apocalypse?



Your role :

The Layout Artist is responsible to transform the visuals of the project storyboard into a 3D animated model in order to provide a first 3D preview of the scenes that other departments will use as a basis to build the sequences and shots:

  • Stages the characters and assets for each animation sequence in Unreal 4 according to the director’s initial intention and the technical specifications of the project;
  • Positions cameras and places characters in key poses to imply and to show their actions and movements;
  • Ensures consistency and continuity within and between shots;
  • Applies various corrections at the request of the lead or the supervisor;
  • Participates in the resolution of technical problems in order to ensure the production is moving forward;
  • Respects the schedule set by the production team;
  • Maintains a good team dynamic and a good collaboration between departments.


Your experiences and qualifications:

  • Diploma in a 3D animation or equivalent work experience;
  • 5 years of experience in a similar position;
  • Experience on a realistic animation project (Cinematics, video games, VFX);
  • Good knowledge of Autodesk Maya to create and realize 3D layouts;
  • Knowledge of Unreal game engine;
  • Good cinematographic knowledge and camera techniques to impact emotions, to tell a story throughout a shot;
  • Keen eye for the composition and aesthetics of a plan;
  • Capability to solve problems and resourcefulness ;
  • Ability to communicate and work in a team ;
  • Capacity to work under pressure ;
  • Creative and passionate about animation, cinema and / or video games ;
  • English / French bilingualism;
  • Knowledge of Shotgun (asset).



About Digital Dimension:

Digital Dimension is a visionary 3D animation studio based in Montreal. We design, develop and produce our own intellectual properties and that of others for different platforms.

We are a team of passionate artists, full time geeks carried by a healthy and stimulating environment! We carefully select our projects to put our know-how at the service of what drives us.

We are committed to maintaining a good work-life balance, encouraging curiosity, and promote communication so that work becomes a real cooperative playground.

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