CreatureFX Supervisor

CreatureFX Supervisor

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Type: Permanent
CFX supervisor

Job description

About the position

CreatureFX Department Supervisor play a critical role in the success of the CreatureFX department as a whole. Responsible for creative development of all aspects of the projects for Groom, CFX, and Tech Anim teams, they work directly with the HOD to establish best working practices for each discipline in the department as well as with department show leads for each project in supporting and maintaining artist deliverables. The go to person for production teams CreatureFX Supervisors, in conjunction with the CreatureFX HOD, will be responsible for task bidding on the projects they supervise and day to day assignments for team members. They will also work closely with CG and VFX supervisors to ensure artists are hitting creative vision for the project.


  • Oversee teams of groom, cfx, and tech anim artists on various projects;
  • Work with HOD growing and developing the department including recruitment and artist feedback and development;
  • Provide creative direction to all artists on the team;
  • Work with department show leads to support artists in delivering tasks;
  • Provide asset and shot bids for project planning;
  • Work with CG and VFX supervisors to deliver creative vision for all creaturefx related aspects of the projects;
  • Participate in production meetings and otherwise communicate with production teams to give updates and help steer the course of a project;
  • Work with production team to establish priorities and task assignments;
  • Work with other department supervisors to effectively and efficiently deliver projects;
  • As needed work with the pipeline team to implement and update aspects of the groom, cfx, and tech anim portions of the pipeline;
  • As necessary and in conjunction with the HOD, develop tools to aid in project completion or oversee their development;
  • As availability allows or requires create grooms and/or simulation setups and run shots.

Job requirements


  • Respectful of people and procedures;
  • Leadership;
  • Artistic understanding of groom, simulation, and shot clean up;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Creative;
  • Team focused;
  • Strong technical problem solving skills;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Open to receive feedback;
  • Organized;
  • Autonomous.


  • DEC/AEC or university degree related to the position (3D animation, multimedia, etc.);
  • Minimum 7 years of experience as a 3D groom and/or Creaturefx artist in the animated film or VFX industries;
  • Minimum 3 years concrete team leadership experience;
  • Expert knowledge of Maya;
  • Houdini experience a plus;
  • Python programming a plus;
  • Groom candidates:
    • Mastery of groom concepts and workflows
    • Expert knowledge of XGen
    • Experience with Houdini grooming a plus
  • CreatureFX candidates
    • Mastery of creaturefx simulation and cleanup concepts and workflows
    • Expert knowledge of Maya’s Nucleus solver
    • Expert knowledge of clean up tools and workflows
    • Houdini Vellum experience a plus
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