Supervising Producer

Supervising Producer

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Type: Permanent

0208A member of the Leadership Committee, the Supervising Producer oversees and support the Producers and the Central Project Manager in order to ensure the delivery of all animated projects in production, on time, on budget and at the highest level of quality. As an inspiring leader, the Supervising Producer acts as mentor, providing advices and helping prevent and solve all issues related to the projects in production. He is responsible for sharing the studio’s vision with all members of the project management team while ensuring that their needs are met in order to provide them with the best conditions for success.


  • Represents the project management team on the Leadership committee and actively contributes to strategic discussions, including the development and realization of the studio’s vision;
  • Help improve the various bids being created by the bidding producer and ensure that producers are kept informed of potential projects under discussion;
  • Ensures the transfer within Shotgrid of each new confirmed project in order to prepare it for an efficient and smooth production kick off In collaboration with the Resource Manager;
  • Grants each new project to the producer best able to deliver it;
  • Supervises the organization of the kick off meeting allowing an efficient and committed management of the project by the production team;
  • Ensures that the budgetary framework for each new project is clarified and validated with the finance team and the responsible producer;
  • Establishes best practices in terms of project management and ensures that each producer, PM and coordinator applies them on a daily basis, including and in particular the standardized use of Shotgrid;
  • Support and mentor each producer throughout the production process so that he delivers the animation projects entrusted to him within the budgets and deadlines and according to the highest quality standards;
  • Leads the bi-weekly production meeting involving all producers and the central project manager, in order to anticipate problems and help prevent and/or resolve them by reducing the impacts;
  • Is responsible for validating with each producer, on a weekly basis, that the progress report of the projects for which he is responsible does not exceed the established targets and is transmitted to the Finance team for control purposes;
  • Helps producers establish a transparent communication channel with each client, creating a climate of mutual trust, and supports them in resolving conflict situations;
  • In concert with the Director of Production Resources and Teamwork and the Resource Manager, prioritizes the assignment of resources to the various projects when needs exceed available capacities and communicates its choices to the people involved;
  • Contributes to the project post-mortem process and carries out continuous monitoring of the performance of the members of its production team, making sure to provide, with transparency and kindness, advice that is both concrete and constructive, aimed at enabling each to develop their full potential while achieving the established objectives;
  • Sets up its own Traction meeting in order to fully engage its close guard in a process of continuous improvement of the studio;
  • Take the pulse of his team and take the necessary steps to maintain a positive work environment that promotes respect for the company’s values;
  • Presents itself as an inspiring, positive and enthusiastic ambassador within the various artistic and business communities, locally and internationally, by being the bearer of the values ??of excellence, flexibility, humility and integrity carried by Squeeze.


  • In-depth knowledge of the industry and project production processes;
  • Strong project management skills and knowledge;
  • Strategic thinking;
  • Collaborative Leadership;
  • Diplomacy and interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent ability to establish true and lasting interpersonal relationships;
  • High adaptability; flexibility in a constantly changing environment;
  • Organizational skills and autonomy.


  • 10 years in the industry with minimum 5 years of experience as a producer of animated films or TV series;
  • Have delivered major projects for animated films or television series;
  • University education in a relevant field;
  • Very good knowledge of Shotgun;
  • Mandatory bilingualism (French/English).
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