TD Rigging

TD Rigging

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About the position

Reporting to the Rigging Supervisor, the TD Rigging is responsible for the development and implementation of tools that facilitate the production process of his/her department and projects. His/her work consists of developing, deploying, managing and supporting rigging tools.


  • In collaboration with the rigging lead, he/she will identify the specific rigging needs of the production. He/she will ensure the integration and maintenance of the configurations;

  • Design efficient Rigs adapted to the needs of the production;

  • Advise modeling teams on model compatibility for rigging and any necessary changes;

  • Collaborate with the CG team to build Rigs and implement them;

  • Design and implement scripted solutions to maximize rigging speed and efficiency;

  • Collaborate with Team Leaders and Supervisors to ensure rigs are functioning properly;

  • Collaborate with the Supervisor and Animation Director to create rigs and systems suitable for animation;

  • Collaborate with the Keyframe, Mocap and Unreal teams to design optimal workflows and tools to ensure maximum quality and flexibility within the studio, regardless of the project’s origin.

  • Organize work and prepare elements for validations;

  • Integrate services or tools into the pipeline by writing PYTHON and/or C++ plugins and extensions to support and improve rigging performance;

  • Use analytical skills to execute corrections requested by the lead rigging and the developer ou

  • Respect the schedule and production quotas communicated by the Coordination team and the lead rigging;

  • Write documentation on development tools and codes



  • Degree in computer science, 3D animation or equivalent work experience;

  • At least five (5) years experience in an animation production environment, visual effects or equivalent experience;

  • Proficiency in Maya;

  • Knowledge of the complete CGI production process;

  • Software development skills ;

  • Excellent knowledge of Python;

  • Knowledge of C++ is an asset;

  • Knowledge of Shotgun, Shotgun Toolkit, Redshift and Houdini an asset.

  • Excellent problem solving and communication skills are required;

  • Experience as a rigger in feature film production

  • Knowledge of rigging constraints related to real-time rendering engines is an asset (Unreal)

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