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STARNO est fier d’avoir participé à la réalisation de ces publicités du Groupe Maurice du Bye Bye 2020 !

Après plusieurs participations aux effets visuels sur différents concepts publicitaires toujours plus audacieux et remarquables, le Groupe Maurice revient en force cette année pour sensibiliser davantage la société face à l’âgisme. Quatre personnalités publiques de différents âges et de différentes origines ont ainsi été sollicitées afin de rappeler que le vieillissement ne fait aucune discrimination. […]

STARNO is proud to be part of the team on these new advertisements produced by Groupe Maurice for the “Bye Bye 2020” !

After already contributing several times to various ambitious advertising concepts that included outstanding visual effects, Groupe Maurice makes a strong comeback this year to raise awareness of ageism among society. Four leading figures, of different ages and origins, were called for this project, in order to remind everyone that aging makes no discrimination. It’s now […]

Digital Dimension Entertainment Group continues its mission to double its workforce and innovate amidst a global pandemic

Montreal, Québec – With a slate of new IP brands in development and the acquisition of major production deals, the Montreal-based Digital Dimension Entertainment Group continues its mission of creating new jobs by doubling its current workforce in 2021, demonstrating the steadfastness of the animation industry while live-action productions continue to grapple with the impacts […]


Finnish mobile video game giant Supercell entrusts Squeeze with one of its biggest campaigns of the year, Shocktober for the game Clash Royale, bringing to life its new character Electro Giant.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. For several months now, Squeeze has been working with Supercell on this project intended for an international audience. The bar is high as […]

Framestore wins BAFTA for His Dark Materials

Framestore is the proud winner of this year’s BAFTA in Special, Visual and Graphic Effects for His Dark Materials – an accolade that marks two decades of BAFTA success for the leading creative studio. Serving as key creative collaborator and sole VFX studio on the show’s eight epic episodes, Framestore was key to bringing Bad Wolf’s ambitious, […]